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    The Pokemon Center 
    New York
    bag is actually translucentscanned with dark background
    The front and back of the bags your loot comes in


    Let’s clear one possible misconception right now: the Pokémon Center does NOT have everything related to Pokémon.  Here is a partial list of what I did not find there:

       the beanbag plush dolls from Hasbro
       older TCG booster packs
       any edition of Pikachu’s Winter Vacation
       any media (videos, CDs, books) in Japanese

    Since the Pokémon Center is a relatively new store, they have focused on pushing the more recent stuff.  With time, it is possible that they will stock some of the older merchandise, such as the Hasbro stuffed toys and the older TCG cards, as they get around to it.  Some other kinds of older merchandise, however, probably will never appear in the store unless there is an overwhelming demand for it. 

    Another issue revolves around the Pokémon Distributing Machine.  Nintendo’s policies about giving away Pokémon can be frustrating enough, but it is more so if you do not know the current theme.  You can try calling to find out what Pokémon they are giving away, but ideally this information would be available on their website.  Perhaps this will come about when the website people and the people running the Pokémon Center are totally coordinated. 

    Nevertheless, disparaging the Pokémon Center because of its omissions is somewhat like griping about a delicious hoagie sandwich that wasn’t served with a toothpick speared through the middle; you’ll enjoy it more if you focus on what is there rather than what is absent.  And the fact is, as one of only three in existence so far, the Pokémon Center has a lot of stuff that is rarely, if ever, seen anywhere else.  If you are looking for whimsical and unique Pokémon merchandise, chances are you will find it here.

    Want a Surfing Pikachu throw pillow?  They got that.

    Want a Gengar night-light?  They got that.  (Dream Eater TM not included.)

    Want to get five Celebi for the Game Boy game in one day?

    So do I.


    As is the case in all retail stores, the displays and merchandise in the Pokémon Center are subject to change.  The descriptions herein are intended only to provide a general idea of the store layout.  Contact the Pokémon Center if you have questions about specific products.

    Pokémon does not belong to me.  However, the text, photos, and diagrams pertaining to this write-up do.  Do not take any part without permission.

    The opinions expressed here are not necessarily the same as those of the webmaster.  Similarly, any factual errors are mine and mine alone.

    Special thanks to:

    Nintendo/Creatures/GameFreak - Like them or hate them, they are primarily responsible for the Pokémon franchise and deserve credit as such.  Let’s hope they don’t screw up a good thing.

    John from the Pokémon Center - He helped me out with a lot of information covered in this write-up, and he gets extra points in my book for quite possibly the most enviable job interview, which went something like this:

     “So what are your qualifications?”
     “I know everything about Pokémon.”
     “…Okay, you’re hired.”

    Dogasu - For putting this on his website, and putting up with (or is it ignoring?) my rambling e-mails.

    You - For reading all of this write-up.  Hope you enjoyed it!

    © 2002, Raichu 526

    Pocket Monsters was not created by me.  It was created by Satoshi Tajiri and the crew at TV-Tokyo.  Pokemon is (c) Game Freak, Nintendo, 4Kids Productions, Hasbro, Bandai, and a ton of other companies. When you have a popular anime like Pokemon, lots of people own it so it's impossible to list every company who owns a piece of Pokemon.  No infringement of copyrights is meant by the creation of the web site.  All images were gotten from official websites (Nintendo, TV-Tokyo, etc.) unless otherwise noted (I don't steal images from other sites!).