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    Movie Four Photos

    Here are a bunch of pictures from that movie that are in the final cut of the film.  I even have a few behind-the-scenes photos.  All of these pictures come from the Japanese trailers at Pokemon2001.com.  Place the cursor over the picture to see a description.  You may have to press the Reload/Refresh button for all of the pictures to load, but they'll load eventually.

    A close-up of Vicious
    Vicious' Dark Ball, the Monster Ball that turns pokemon evil!
    Oh no!  Serebii's pinned by a Strike!
    But don't worry, Serebii can take care of itself
    Yukinari's protecting Serebii
    Trying to reach out to Serebii
    Gareosu attacks!
    Serebii heals Kasumi's hurt knee
    Serebii takes Satoshi and Yukinari out for a flight above the forest
    Satoshi talks to Yukinari as the newly-evolved Butterfrii fly around them
    Doesn't this just look cool?
    Doesn't this just look cool?
    Serebii flying through a CGI-forest.  Still pictures don't do this scene justice
    Isn't it cute?
    A really cool picture ^_^
    Here comes Suikun!
    Suikun shoots its ice breath at Bangirasu
    The giant vine-monster...all in CGI.
    A *really* cool picture.  Another scene you have to see animated to appreciate

    Here are some really neat behind-the-scenes photos!

    Kumiko Endo is the narrator of Pikachu's Nervous Hide-and-Seek
    She's just so cute!  Pikachu!  Togepi!
    Shiro Sano, voice of Vicious
    Shiro in the recording room.
    The film mixes hand-drawn animation...
    ...with advanced computer graphics`
    Anne Suzuki is the voice of Miku
    The great Matsumoto Rika as Satoshi

    Pocket Monsters was not created by me.  It was created by Satoshi Tajiri and the crew at TV-Tokyo.  Pokemon is (c) Game Freak, Nintendo, 4Kids Productions, Hasbro, Bandai, and a ton of other companies. When you have a popular anime like Pokemon, lots of people own it so it's impossible to list every company who owns a piece of Pokemon.  No infringement of copyrights is meant by the creation of the web site.  All images were gotten from official websites (Nintendo, TV-Tokyo, etc.) unless otherwise noted (I don't steal images from other sites!).